Saturday, May 2, 2015

Countdown to Summer

Well, that time of year has come again!  It is time to start counting down the days to SUMMER!! This year, I have decided to celebrate the end of the school year a little different than I have in the past.  We started with 26 days left, and are having an ABC Countdown.  Each day has  different activity that corresponds to letters of the alphabet.  Friday the 17th was the letter "A".  We completed an Awesome Art Project.  We read "The Lorax" and made our own beautiful landscapes with truffula trees and the "Unless" quote.

Monday April 20th was "B", which brought a Beach Day.  My students brought in beach towels and their favorite books from home.  I found a video of an idyllic beach with great sounds of waves crashing and even seagulls flying overhead.  Add in a few beach balls from the dollar store, and we had our own tropical paradise.  (I had planned for us to go outside and lay in the grass, but a sting of severe weather went through the area in the afternoon.  Two nearby schools sustained some damage from the strong winds.)

Some of my students enjoying a tropical twist to their
normal reading time.

I brought "Anne of Green Gables" in memory of
Jonathan Crombie who passed recently.
The 21st was our "C" day.  We celebrated by dressing CraZy!  Think backwards shirts and mismatched patterns.
Lots of mismatched patterns!

Backwards shirt!
This countdown has been so much fun!  Here is my full countdown calendar.  Some of the days were a little difficult to come up with special events for the letter, or I tried to incorporate already assigned days into the cute calendar. 

What is your favorite way to celebrate the end of a school year?  

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