Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stretch a Sentence

Yesterday, I taught my students the joy of stretching sentences.  I made up a worksheet for them to complete and then we shared our work with the class.  You can download the file here!  Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated!! I began the lesson with an Anchor Chart demonstrating how to stretch a sentence.  After the kids understood what I wanted them to do, they each wrote their own.  I had each student share their sentence with the class.  They did a really good job and really understood the lesson.  I then was faced with the challenge of how to display their work?!  Half-sheets aren't always the easiest to hang up in a nice looking way.  I decided to go the route of a quilt.  Since we did this on 9/11, I was in a very patriotic mood so I went with red, white and blue and stars for the display!  I love how it turned out.

This is the worksheet I made.  Be sure to download it!

Anchor Chart

Close-up of finished worksheets.

While we read the sentences they wrote, I called each student up like it was a game show! I would call their name and say that they were the next contestant on "Stretch That SENTENCE!!" and the other kids would say it with me... So fun!


  1. That DOES sound like a fun exercise in writing!! The sheets quilted together looks great Tara!

  2. Oh, geez. My comments are going to a teacher and I have an error. I meant to say, "The sheets quilted together look great Tara!" :-)