Sunday, September 2, 2012

Writing Review Board

This has been a crazy few days.  I haven't been able to take pictures of any of the things I've done this past week at school, but I have been looking at my pictures from last year to refresh myself and wanted to share a couple of things.

The writing bulletin board was all ideas that my last years class came up with.  We were reviewing for FCAT Writing and were talking about all of the things we had learned.  They came up with the helpful hints and some of our favorite figurative language and verbs and such.

Our explosion of better word choice.  We came up with better ways to say things and discussed them and then wrote our better words on bright pieces of paper.  So fun!

Writing Review Bulletin Board.

Planning pages and helpful hints.

Transitions, Verbs, Figurative Language, Openings and SWBST.
Expository planning visualization.
We do an Oreo lesson at the beginning of the Expository unit to stress that it's just like a double stuffed Oreo.  There needs to be 2 reasons or examples and support for both of those!
Narrative planning visual. 

Metaphors and Idioms

SWBST.  I'll have to look and see if I have a picture of an anchor chart we made using this concept.

Strong verbs, the kids came up with all of these examples.

We took a day to brainstorm what the students thought was most important in their writing and then they came up with the examples and I typed them up and added the pops of color to display in the room.  It's always good to use the students' input and have their ideas validated by making them into a great learning and review tool.  I shared what we made with the other 4th grade classes too, so their work was shared with the whole grade level.  I will definitely be doing this again this year!

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