Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Whole Lotta Punchin' Goin' On

I decided to stay home to work today.  I really wanted to sleep in on a weekday one more time, and the allure of staying home and just doing some planning was too much to resist!  I did venture out to the teacher store and bought some new letters and extra monsters since I'll have 44 rather than the 22 I had last year.  I have spent majority of my afternoon punching out this never ending pile of letters, while listening to a newly updated iTunes playlist, and thunder from another approaching storm.  In other words, today is a GREAT day!

 *On a side note, whenever I go shopping, I always wish that things were 50% or more off.  (Don't we all?!)  Well, I discovered that some of Amazon's top music is available for $0.25!!! I feel much better about that then paying $1.29 which is what they usually cost!  12 new songs for $3.00? Don't mind if I do!  :o)

I have also been planning my Writing instruction.  I brought home my Writing Curriculum and some indispensable books that I have.  I am so excited about this school year!  I have a really good feeling about what is yet to come!

I LOVE these letters and numbers.  They are so bright and fit right in with my classroom decor.  They are the 4" 'Furry Friends Patchwork' Ready Letters from Trend Enterprises.

My cute monsters!  I put them outside of my door.  Their hands overlap and hold the coordinating nameplates, that the teacher store didn't have, for each of my students.

Bright and fun new numbers for my calendar!  These make me ridiculously happy!

I use a bunch of different teacher bags.  This is one that my Aunt Lee bought me a few years ago for Christmas.  It has a bunch of pockets to hold random little things. LOVE it!

Files and my Curriculum Guide that I brought home to begin planning.  My bag was so heavy!  Ugh


  1. I am so impatient, I'd probably ruin half of the items I was punching out if I were to help you. :-)

    1. I've only gotten through half of the letters... Too time consuming and boring!

  2. Did you buy the calendar numbers too? They are too cute!


    1. Yes! Thank you. I believe they are from Teacher Created Resources. They are very flimsy though, so I will need to laminate them.