Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Setup Day 2

It would appear, to the untrained eye, that I have not accomplished much today.  I admit, I have a bit of room setup ADD.  I start on one thing, and find something that reminds me of another task I want to get done.  I then begin side project #1 which gets me started on side project #2, and so on...  Today was one of those days.  I began by going through my file cabinet and purging.  That lead to me getting distracted and working on what you see in the pictures.  Since I looped last year, I still had many papers and files from 3rd grade.  I made the executive decision to get rid of all that clutter! 

I moved some more furniture around today.  Still not 100% sure of how I want things.  My student desks are in a big cluster in the middle of my room, when I  get those situated my room will look vastly different.  I think I figured out what to do with that rectangular table that was unsettled yesterday.  Now, I have a mismatched pair of trapezoid tables that are giving me a headache.  I could just leave well enough alone and leave them where they were last year, but... That would be too easy!

Picture time!

These bookshelves are just smack dab in the middle of a random part of the wall.  Those are my troublesome trapezoid tables. :o/

I saw this on Pinterest.  The kids will move their magnet whenever they leave the room.  This will be great  to have during a fire drill.  

These are the curtains I made for my classroom.  They are single panels.  I cut them in half lengthwise and then  folded them over and hot glued them.  (I don't have a sewing machine! haha) 

I think I'll leave my listening center in my Book Nook this year.  I had it set up at a table last year.  This way they can be comfortable sitting on the pillows while listening.

This area is far from complete.  I imagine it being a Writing Resource Center for the kids.  I want to have everything easily accessible for them so they can be efficient and get their own materials.

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