Monday, July 23, 2012

Contact Information Magnet

This is totally not an original idea, but I had to share!

I went on VistaPrint and created contact information magnets.  This way, the parents of my students can have quick access to both a phone number and e-mail address that I can be reached at.  I will have about 44 students this year, so I purchased 50 of these nifty little things!  I love when parents take the initiative to get in touch with their child's teacher.  It really shows that they have a strong interest in how their child is doing.  Hopefully, by making sure they can have my information on their refrigerator, they will be more inclined to contact me!

I also ordered 140 return address labels for FREE!

This is the magnet I created.  I blocked out the name of my school, the phone number and my school e-mail address. 

I don't know if/when this offer expires but:
Click here for $5 off your order.

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