Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Figurative Language Week!

This week we are learning about figurative language; Metaphors, Similes, Personification, Hyperbole and Alliteration.  The kids love to "ding" when they recognize the form we are studying that day in a book we read to go along with it.  We read "Tar Beach" for Metaphors and "Owl Moon" for Similes.

 In Math, we are still working on Place Value.  I have been telling the kids that when rounding, we have to knock on our neighbor's door to decide if we should round up or down.  Then I saw a great Place Value anchor chart on Pinterest and had to make one for my class.  I adapted the colors and numbers to go along with a Place Value bulletin board I have in my room.

The rest of this week we are going to be finishing up Figurative Language and take our Math Chapter 1 Test.  I was pretty unsure of how this departmentalization would work out, but I am really starting to enjoy it.  I have 2 great groups of kids and we are able to get everything done in the time we have.