Friday, August 3, 2012

Open House

The day of Open House is always frantic. Teachers are running around trying to make sure they have all the bases covered. Rooms have to be just right, welcome letters have to be edited, supply lists need to be ready to hand out. The office staff is signing up new kids and adding them to classrooms. The custodial staff is making sure the school sparkles and assisting teachers with last minute requests. It is an all around crazy day.

I was running around like all the others, trying to make sure my room was picture perfect. I managed to snap a couple pictures before the kids came, but I think in my haste they ended up a little blurry... My apologies!

View from my door!  My classroom makes me so happy.

Sign in and transportation information station.  

The bins where I put their completed paperwork.  I also put a sign-in sheet for the kids from the other homeroom that will be coming to me in the afternoon, as well as the newsletter for them.

View from the corner of my cabinets.

So bright and fun!

The curtains really make a big impact on the feel of the room.

My little corner of the world! 

Finished book nook.


  1. Classroom looks great! You've done it again, Tara. So colorful and creative!