Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Last Work Day

Open House went really well!  It was a little bit crazy having kids from 2 separate classes coming in  and needing to have some of them fill out information sheets and give others different newsletters.  I will definitely have to brainstorm ways to make Meet the Teacher night run more smoothly next year.  
Today was the last Teacher Work Day before the students begin TOMORROW!!!  I don't care how long you have been teaching, I don't think it ever gets easier to setup a classroom and make it perfect.  In fact, I think my first year was the easiest because I was blissfully unaware of what can be done with a little white room.  This is my third time setting up my classroom, and I keep adding new things.  Let me know what you think of my new additions!

Mountain Math up and ready to go!
Clickers are connected.  This is a jewelry organizer that I found at
T.J. Maxx last year. Works like a dream!

Pinterest idea!  Dollar Tree cookie sheet and glass stones hot glued
to scrapbook paper and magnets.  Trimmed in super fun duct tape!
That's a LOT of little monsters!  I put up names from
both classes that will be coming to me for
Math and Writing.
Lots of folders, dividers and reference sheets for their
O.W.L.S. binders to keep the kids organized!
See how the sun is coming into the room on the last picture?  It was after 6:00 and I decided it was finally time to leave.  It looked like a storm was rolling in, the sky was pretty dark by time I got home, but nothing happened where I live.  Like I said, it never gets easier!  I keep developing more and more things to spend time working on.  Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck, Tara! The kids will adore you.

  2. Good luck today! Hope the day is going super!